National Processing Center, Inc

National Processing Center (NPC) is acting as the credit card processor for these products or entities which are legally independent and may not be directly related to NPC. However, NPC may hold an equity interest in these entities or operate them under a trust or contractual relationship. NPC, therefore, stands as the ultimate guarantor in the event that any of the entities defaults on a refund.  If you do not receive a satisfactory refund from the sellers, during the refund period specified in your purchase agreement, please contact NPC at our support center  NPC, however, is not liable for any complaints about content or interaction with each seller’s website.


Notice about filing unsupported “disputes” with credit card processors:

If the purchaser of a product or service paid for through National Processing Center, Inc. does NOT make a request of refund through NPC, or the individual seller, but instead directly files a “dispute” with his or her credit card processor and makes an unsupported fraud claim, without previous notice to NPC, NPC will assess the credit card of the party who purchased, a fee of USD $10,000.00 (or such lesser amount as is allowed by the upper limit set by the credit card provider) as liquidated damages pursuant the purchase agreement. We will further report your fraudulent dispute claim to law enforcement agencies and credit reporting agencies.

Our and the entities we represent purchase agreements allows us this right.

If you have a genuine refund request or require an explanation of a charge, contact us through our online support system or write us.

We’re a nice company to do business with but we’ve had it with folks stealing stuff from us. Disputes are expensive and affect our relationship with our merchant service providers.

If you’ve got a request, we’re here. If you’re “confused” contact us. If you’re just a thief, beware.